Light, textures, patterns, and forms whether natural or man-made... their interaction is what inspires my photography.

 I am a self-taught photographers. My fascination with photography started over 50 years ago in my father’s small darkroom that was tucked under the basement stairs. There I learned the processing techniques and chemistry that made the pictures magically appear out of apparent thin air onto the paper. This is what probably put me on an education path for a BS in Chemistry from Rensselaer and an initial career as a Chemist. With my father assistance, I learned how to use my first camera, an Argus 33, to compose the photograph and together with the darkroom get the image that I envisioned in my head onto the photographic paper.

 No matter how many times I would go into the darkroom, there was always that magical moment, after the exposed the photographic paper was placed it in the developer and agitated when the image would start to appear. That was a magical moment of either excitement or disappointment when I would discover if my exposure and techniques were either correct and the image that appeared was what I had envisioned it to be or it was not.

As I have grown older and technology has advanced, with some reluctance I traded in my camera of 30 years, a Mamiya RB67, and transitioned into the digital age. A new set of photographic tools were learned, computer software replaced chemicals, memory cards replaced film, but the basics remain the same. The three elements of light, texture and form still inspire me to keep producing images that I hope inspire, fascinate and please those who take the time to look at and enjoy them as much as I do.

 The following quote from Ansel Adams has always struck a cord with me.

“When I see something I react to it and I state it, and that's the equivalent of what I felt. So I give it to you as a spectator, and you get it or you don't get it, but there's nothing on the back of the print that tells you what you should get.”

 I like to think that I see things from a different perspective. Often my wife, Judy will ask “what are you looking at” when I am shooting and many “what is it”? She is my main source of feedback and my biggest supporter.

My images have won awards and have been exhibited locally, in the United States and Internationally.

 I am an active member of the Marblehead Arts Association, Swampscott Arts Association, Galleries at Lynn Arts (GALA), Greater Lynn Photographic Association and the Photographic Society of America.

Thank you for visiting my website and I truly hope you like my photographs.